Let's Get Digital   ·   Release Notes

Release 3.6.10 Released

Release date: 16-05-2022

Registration Form

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

JSON Parser internal-release-notes-only A JSON parser will be built, which can converts stored JSON to a Virtual Event Platform like form.
Registration button internal-release-notes-only A registration form button can be added to the homepage. When users click on it, a pop-up will be displayed where they can subscribe.
Registration form builder Added components which makes it possible for event manager to register attendees using (and in sync) with the LGD-platform.
Preview internal-release-notes-only Event Managers can preview the registration form, while editing the form and before saving it/sending it out to users.
Registration form Iframe internal-release-notes-only Option to include the registration form as an iframe to websites
Save and store registration form internal-release-notes-only The registration results will be saved and stored.

General updates

Admin/Host status The possibility to give Admins and Hosts a special status within the virtual event platform to identify to users that they have been verified by the event organizer.
Alternative Event Logo It is now possible to set a second alternative event logo for the virtual event. This can be uploaded under branding. This logo will be used in the event for Session rooms, Video calls and On demand platform.
Backups during live events internal-release-notes-only During an event only developers can run backups so we minimizing the risk of getting data lost during an event and therefor keeping customers happy.
Caching layer badge generator We’ve added an extra caching layer with the generation of badges, so the the printers print even faster!
Networking tables - Connect to program item It is now possible to connect the networking tables to the program items. In the admin panel, program point can be set up with the “type” networking table. Organizer can now advertise better the networking tables, and make it more visible for the attendees.
Permission changes in the admin panel internal-release-notes-only The settings and features in the Admin Panel, App, and Virtual Event have the correct permissions.
Program Tool - Improvement It is now possible to see in the virtual event the limit of attendees in workshops. In the program point overview will be shown on the right top sight the number of attendees, that joined and how many spots are free. Like this user can easily decide for different workshops and can see how many slots are still available.
Release information Information about the last release has been added to the adminpanel, so people have a better overview about the newest functionalities we’ve launched.
Settings and assets internal-release-notes-only The settings and assets are cached so we have a better performance.

Release 3.6.9 Released

Release date: 25-04-2022

General updates

2FA AdminPanel Admin accounts can be secured extra with 2FA security. After the setting is activated, accounts can be linked with an extra authentication layer. With this layer the user needs to add a code which is live generated on an app. (For e.g. with Google Authenticator)
Finance forecasting tools internal-release-notes-only Added automation in our finance tool to make our forecast more predictable and less time consuming.
Networking table design improvment It is possible to use a colour picking tool to design the networking tables.
OAuth 2.0 API Implementation It’s possible to gain access using the OAuth 2.0. protocol. This way external suppliers can built generic applications which are connected with LGD. Access can be given by a redirect to the LGD admin panel; instead of manually creating API-tokens for each integration.
Option to remove staging warning internal-release-notes-only The option is added to remove the staging warning in the adminpanel, so we can give customers demo’s of features which are not released yet, without showing that it’s running on staging.
Pre-event page - Programm overview For advanced and extensive packages, it will be possible to add the programm overview to the virtual event pre-event page.
Realtime online status internal-release-notes-only The green/orange bar of the user wasn’t updated always automatically. Currently the status is fetched several times to make sure the status is more accurate.
Report chat messages In the advanced and extensive online/hybrid packages it’s possible to activate a setting where users can flag inappropriate messages. Event-managers/admin’s can see an overview off all flagged messages in the adminpanel and can decide to remove them. The removed messages will directly be removed from the whole platform.

Release 3.6.8 Released

Release date: 11-04-2022

General updates

1:1 Conversations - Chat The chat in 1:1 conversations can be now hidden from the user sight.
App Improvement - Users tag visibility. User tags are now shown are now displayed within a user's profile within the Mobile App.
Chat restriction for specific users It is now possible as an organizer to restrict specific users from the public chats. This user will still see the chat, but wont be able to comment anymore.
Clickable attendees Added possibility to click on the #attendees text in the lobby or in the rooms. This way it’s possible to see which users are in the chat.
Connection check in the virtual event A connection check was build in to the virtual event top bar. User can click on “Connections” and there own connection will be checked. The platform checks a stable WIFI connection, VPN and audio/video settings.
Delivery Dashboard internal-release-notes-only Dashboard with the most important statistics for the delivery team to have a good overview of the workload.
Hyperlinks in pages It is now possible to add hyperlinks to the pages in the virtual event. Like this organizers can redirect user to different websites.
Improvement - Appointment request tool When a users receives an appointment request and this requested time is conflicting with an other program of this user, then he receives a message. This message is saying: This appointment overlaps with an item in your program. Click here to see the overlapping item. Then the user can click there and see the part of the program that overlaps. The user can then decide whether to accept the meeting or move it based on this information.
Improvement - Moderation rights Moderators can now see automatically the sessions, they are moderating in their personal program.
Network Carrousel – End of round notification Within the network carousel, as a user you will now be notified/ warned that there is only 10 seconds left within the round
NPS improvement - Push Notification Within the Admin panel, it is possible to add push notifications for the NPS to anyone who has not completed the NPS score yet.
Pop ups - Virtual Event In the virtual event, during sessions and 1on1 pop ups can appear. The pop ups can be about QandA, Poll or Matchmaking tags. User can now move this pop up around and place it on a different place on there screen.
Possibility to Import CTAs It is possible to import CTA’s through an Excel import. This is available for both session and Company CTA’s and all CTA types
Poster Feedback -  Export internal-release-notes-only Organisers can download from the Admin panel poster ratings showing the overall scores of the posters.
Remove chat per session Its is now possible to hide the session chat per program item. This setting can be set up in the the admin panel or in the excel import.
Samba name is updated when a user’s name is changed internal-release-notes-only In the past, if a user’s name was edited this change would not be reflected in samba talks they had previously visited. This has been resolved.
Updated NPS video’s When a visitor completes the NPS video a custom made video is shown in UK, NL or DE with a special video for the persons who are promotors, detractors or the one in between. It’s of-course also possible in the advanced+ packages to upload your own video!

Release 3.6.7 Released

Release date: 28-03-2022

General updates

Admin panel improvements - Search bar A search bar for settings was integrated in to the admin panel. Now users can more easily navigate thru the admin panel and all settings.
Certificates tool - Tags It is now possible to send certificates to specific tags. In the admin panel tags can be picked and receive the specific certificates.
Company booth improvement - Edit address Exhibitors have now the possibility to change their company address in the edit overview in the virtual event.
Core package adjustments internal-release-notes-only The option download talk stats & export Pols and questions and answers under the program in the Admin Panel is now blocked for the core package.
Custom Badge internal-release-notes-only A custom badge was created for Event Summit.
Custom Badges internal-release-notes-only A custom badge was created for EMEA.
Hyperlinks in pre-event page description On the landing page of the event, it is now possible to add hyperlinks to the custom text. Like this organizers can redirect user, to registration pages, or add policy's and further more.
Lobby stream - Image It is now possible to add an image in the lobby stream.
Log in badge - Improvement internal-release-notes-only In the log in process a welcome message appears next to the badge. There was the first name replaced, not it got changed and it can be used more formal and it just says welcome, since on the badge is already the full name.
Matchmaking Tool - Visibility Matchmaking tags will be visible for users that form the basis for the match with another user. The tags are shown in the advanced networking carousel and one-on-one meetings.
More sales statistics! internal-release-notes-only We upgraded the sales statistics on the sales dashboard, but in the finance system as well to make sure we have better insights. For example we can compare the sales what our partners make compare to the sales our direct sales departments make (average deal size, add-ons, etc) and can see if we can learn stuff from each other.
Networking Tables - Add function It is now possible to add networking tables in the virtual event. In the overview page of the networking tables int he virtual event, is an empty table with a description “add table”. This allows organizer to add spontaneous more tables. Also organizer can determine per tag, who can create more tables.
Networking Tables - Import It is now possible to import the networking tables via an excel import. This excel sheet you can find in our Knowledge Base.
Networking Tables - Notification If a networking table area is not active yet and a user opens it. A notification will pop up with the information about the first available table.
NPS score - Virtual Event internal-release-notes-only The NPS pop up is now more visible, if a user click on “Leave Event” button, they will receive a message that askes them to fill out the NPS score.
Personal program - Setting improvement internal-release-notes-only A separate setting was created. Now it is possible to show the full program in combination of use with the personal program.
Pre-event page - Video implementation It is now possible to implement a video in the event landing page. It can be a pre recorded video or a live stream. The speaker bubbles on the left side, will be replaced with the video. This feature can be used in the extensive package.
Security improvement - Limit on password requests internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. A limit rate was set on requesting a new password.

Release 3.6.6 Released

Release date: 14-03-2022

General updates

App improvements - Program tags In the program overview in the app users can now filter programs on tags. So it is possible to find more easily the program type.
Change of default tile - Core package internal-release-notes-only The default advertisement tile was replaced by default attendees tile in the core package. Since clients in core package can not use advertisement.
Email Tool - iCal invite Improvement of Email Tool, it is possible now to set up an iCal invite with each mail. Per mail user can pick if they would like to include iCal and what and set the times.
Export improvement - Matchmaking Tags It is now possible to the in the attendees export overview, also the matchmaking tags that the attendees selected during the event.
Networking tables - Interactive map update internal-release-notes-only Changes to the interactive map are detected and updated automatically. For example, when an extra table is created, the update is reflected in the map and the flow of users moving is not interrupted.
Program overview - Different color blocks It is now possible to change the colors of the program block in the program overview. This can be changed in the admin panel by manual set up, but also can be imported with an hexacode in the program excel import sheet. Like this organizers can better specify different types of programs ands workshops.
Security improvement - Unexpected result QR code internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. Internal systems were whitelisted, so that QR codes are only generated if the link is whitelisted.
Splitted debug messages internal-release-notes-only Mr. Experience is telling the development team twice a day about the status of sentries & failing tests. It’s splitted right now so Jack and the developer have a better overview about which part they can fix!
Translation tool improvement - Italian language internal-release-notes-only The Italian languages was added to the translation tool.

Release 3.6.5 Released

Release date: 02-03-2022

WOW: Virtual Influencers

Virtual influencers are 'bot' users that enter the platform and perform a variety of actions which allows you to create a positive atmosphere for your event, to make it even more successful! These users can be programmed to act in a specific way, for example to send specific messages at certain times.

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

Improvement of Virtual Influencer feature Default profile picture were added to the virtual influencer profiles.

General updates

Admin NPS score reset internal-release-notes-only There is now in Power Tools a possibility for delivery team lead, to reset the NPS score. So clients can redo it, if they miss clicked.
Appointment Tool - Improvement internal-release-notes-only An extra setting was created in the Networking Bubble, now only timeslots show which are connected to the company/user where you book an appointment. It does not shown your own appointment possibilities if you are a company.
Change of modal styling With the change of the modal styling, the footer of a program pop up is always visible on screen, no matter how small the screen is. The description will be shortened on a small screen.
Emails for notifications only sent if user logged in internal-release-notes-only Going forward, emails about notifications will only be sent to users who have at one point logged in to the virtual platform.
Implementation of a chat A chat was implemented on the right side in all 1on1 calls. For example during group calls, private calls, networking tables, networking carousel.
Improvement of Poster Tool When a user leaves a message in the poster chat, the author will be notified and can directly get engaged wit the user.
Networking tables - Interactive map improvements internal-release-notes-only Several small changes were made to the interactive map to have a fluent flow.
Security improvement - Cross-site request forgery internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. CSRF functionality was enabled by default on the admin side.
Security improvement - Cross-site scripting in the generic importer internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. The output was fixed on the generic importer so the manager is not getting executed with wrong data.
Security improvement - Cross-site scripting in the mail editor internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. The XXS issue on the mail editor was fixed.
Security improvement - Samba password reset internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. Digital Samba password is reset and updated to be more secure.
Security improvement - Weak password policy internal-release-notes-only For the penetration test some security improvements were made. Password policy is now better and have stronger passwords.

Release 3.6.4 Released

Release date: 15-02-2022

General updates

App improvements - Button switch internal-release-notes-only The positions of the "Register"-button and the "Already have an account?"-button were switched and renamed to provide a better/clearer usability for users.
App improvements - Company booths brochures Brochures can be downloaded from company booths in the app. These are also linked to the virtual event platform; exhibitors can completely set up their booth in the virtual event.
Email Tool - Scheduled mails end time Improvement of Email Tool, it is possible now to set an end time for scheduled mails.
Event check-in page - Impressum On the event check-in pages, a redirection to our homepage Impressum is created. An Impressum is essentially a statement of ownership and authorship. The Impressum is legally required on all commercial websites.
Files Tool Improvement- Preview Improvement of Files Tool, it is possible now to preview the file in the virtual event, before downloading it.
General settings - End time event The setting to close the platform according to the end time of the event is now available in the Admin Panel for event organizers.
German mail templates improvements internal-release-notes-only The standard German mail templates were adjusted to correct the grammar.
Improvement - Internal translation tool internal-release-notes-only In the admin panel a setting can be turned on, that shows translations in brackets. Now a more detailed description was added, so it is easier to find in the translation system. Furthermore the explanations in the translation system where also improved and made more detailed.
Increase of connections internal-release-notes-only The maximum number of connections that can be established is increased by adding more indicators. For example, “mutual connection” used to be counted as one connection, but is now counted as two.
Internal technical changes internal-release-notes-only The translation text that is shown when a setting is locked is simplified to allow for easier translating.
Networking Tables - Notifications A notification function was created, if a user enters an assigned networking table the company/assigned user will get notified. So a company or an assigned user can join the networking table to engage with the user.
Networking tables - Statistics Organizers can download statistics about the usage of the networking tables in the Admin Panel.
NPS Trigger internal-release-notes-only An update has been made, so the NPS score is directly pushed to the finance system instead of every 24 hours.
Package upgrade for partners - CSS and Custom JavaScript  In the advanced LGD package it is now possible for partners to use CSS and Custom JavaScript .
Video call - Improvements Users will be notified during the event when they have missed a request for a video call. A message will pop up in the notifications.

Release 3.6.3 Released

Release date: 31-01-2022

Interactive map

The interactive map displays an overview of the attendance in each session and the movements from one location to another.On the map you can see all program items, networking carousel, company stands and networking tables. All this locations can be accessed from the map by clicking on the room.You can also view the profile of users by clicking on their avatars and create more networking opportunities.

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

Interactive map improvement - enter room button In the interactive map the room blocks are now fully clickable to enter rooms.The users can enter a room on the map in 2 ways, or click on the program block and enter or click on the arrow in the block and enter.
Interactive Map - Network Carousel Improvements interactive map, network carousel's are now also displayed in the interactive map. Like this you can more easily track the attendees of the network carousel.

Default LGD branding

Improved branding To improve our branding in the platform, many settings will got a default branding. For example the avatar of a user - now just a person icon, but will become an LGD branded version. All these settings can be changed in the platform, but will default to LGD.

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

Default logo on the badge according to LGD branding A default LGD logo is displayed on the badge in the virtual event according to LGD branding.
LGD watermark in the virtual event transition videos Per default there is a LGD watermark in all the virtual event transition videos (check-in video, enter key note video etc). A setting is created in the Admin Panel under Virtual event settings, Videos.Organizers with advanced and extensive packaging can turn off this watermark in the settings.
 Default footer according to LGD branding A default footer from LGD is displayed on the check in page according to LGD branding.
LGD default branding for the 4 lobby tiles  According to our Default Branding project, the 4 lobby tiles in the event, were changed to 4 default pictures fitting to our design.
Greyscale of lobby tiles The greyscale of the lobby tiles in the event was adjusted to a minimum for default settings.
Statistics - Branding change The app statistics, that can be accessed by Delivery Consultants are now available in the LGD branding.

General updates

App - Tag sorting user Added possibility in the mobile app to sort the attendees in the attendees overview.
Badge Printing - Software improvement internal-release-notes-only The badge printing software got optimized.

  • Popups now have a close and submit button
  • Added a manual check-in/ remove manual check-in button on the search page of users as a quick action
  • Removed icon hover effect
  • Made the system translatable
Badge Printing - Tags improvement It is now possible to generate badges not only on name but also on user tags. This can be set in the admin panel, when the badge printing module is activated.
Chat Tool - Hyperlinks Improvement of the Chat Tool of the virtual event platform. It is now possible to click on hyperlinks which are sent in the chat. The link will open in a new browser window.
CTA Tool - File upload Exhibitors have the option to upload files to the the call to actions.
CTA Tool - Statistics Exhibitors have the option to download the call to action statistics directly from their company booth in the virtual event platform.
Dry run function disabled internal-release-notes-only The dry run function was disabled. Since the event is open and accessible for the creating point of the platform, the dry run function is not necessary to test the platform. It was confusing to clients and created many fake bug reports.
Earthquake feature - Improvement When users join the virtual event after the start of the earthquake, the user will be automatically included in the earthquake feature and can see same like all users.
Earthquake feature - Improvement  If the feature earthquake starts for speakers/moderators and organizers the “Back to the Lobby” button is always visible, so they can leave the feature and enter their own sessions.
Email Tool - Attachments Improvement of Email Tool, it is possible now to add attachments to the mailing system.
Improved branding To improve our branding in the platform, many settings will got a default branding. For example the avatar of a user - now just a person icon, but will become an LGD branded version. All these settings can be changed in the platform, but will default to LGD.
Internal packaging improvement internal-release-notes-only If a package has been switched to a lower package, all the settings will be locked, that are not in your permission.
Internal technical changes internal-release-notes-only The development event overview is adjusted so we can scale our server platform for an even better performance.
Internal technical updates internal-release-notes-only The scoops of hubspot were updated.
Networking tables Introducing the networking tables feature: meet up to multiple users in a group video call to establish new connections. The Networking tables are accessible any time during the event. Networking tables can be entered directly in the lobby via a tile or the menu, but also thru the interactive map. They are also assignable to companies and can be used as private meeting rooms for specific time.
NPS score - Pop up Improvements on the NPS score were done. A setting is build, to push the NPS score with a pop up.Furthermore if you give a review on the score the form is directly submitted.
On Demand - Search function Improvement of On Demand Tool a search function was build, so it is possible to search in on demand content for program names and speakers.
On Demand - Statistics Now on demand statistics are available. They can be downloaded in the admin panel from the virtual event, stats view.
Platform access - Day ticket Use the day ticket tool to provide attendees platform access for (a) specific day(s). Attendees with a certain tag will only be allowed to enter the platform when granted permission to do so.
Poster Tool - Connected to the User Profile Improvement of Poster Tool, in the profile of an author/user you can find the connection to his poster, it shows under the tab “Speaks at”, and it is connected to the poster booth.
Poster Tool - Excel import improvement Improvement of Poster Tool, by creating an excel import for the posters it is now possible to assign an author/user to the poster.
Poster Tool - Implementation of a Video/Live Stream Improvement of Poster Tool, it is possible to add to a poster booth also a video/live stream, This will appear as an extra tab in the poster booth.
Poster Tool - Keywords Improvement of Poster Tool, the poster keywords are visible on the poster overview page. Now it is possible to filter the posters, to find quicker a keyword or a topic.
Poster Tool - Tab sorting in the booth Improvement of Poster Tool, it is possible to sort the poster booth tabs manually and adjust them to the event needs.
Poster Tool - Thumbnail Improvement of Poster Tool, it is possible to add a thumbnail to a poster booth, so you can categorize the posters on topics with help of the thumbnail picture.
Program Tool - Tags A tag can be connected to a session. Organizers can create a menu item or lobby tile for the program overview that contains only program items with a specific tag.
Q&A Tool - Votes Improvement of the q&a Tool, the design for the vote function is adjusted. Avatar and vote icon are properly aligned and sized.
Session feedback - Settings We have the option to request session feedback through a push notification and/or after the end of a session. In the overview Session feedback a setting was created, so both feedback options can be adjusted and en/disabled in one place in the admin panel.
Session Tool - Emoticons Improvement of Session Tool, it is possible to set multiple emoticons in the admin panel. This emoticons will be used from attendees during a session as a feedback. Like this organizer can decide what emoticons are fitting for their event.
Settings - Invalid values A symbol is now displayed when an invalid value is entered in a settings field, highlighting the tab where the error occurred.
Statistic Tool - Pop up A pop up with a warning will appear in the admin panel, if statistics want to be reset.

Release 3.6.2 Released

Release date: 18-01-2022

General updates

Advertisement in the event can be linked to company booths It is now possible to link the ads in the event to the company booths. Users will not getting redirected to external pages and can check out the company booths the ad is connected to.
Changed default Settings in the Admin Panel Some default settings in the Admin Panel were adjusted, to be enabled per default. So all clients can use the new developed features, without delivery manually to activate them. An example is the QandA and Poll function.
Warning that custom css/js is being used Warning pop up appears on the homepage that custom css/js is being used in the admin panel.

Release PP1.0 Building

Expected release date: 30-05-2022

Partner Portal - V1.1

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

Creating of environments We can now create environments from within the partner portal
Environments All (your) environments will now be visible inside the partner portal. You can also easily access the admin panel with a click on a button from the partner portal environment overview.
Contract insights Contracts are now visible within the partner portal you can also see events linked to the contract.

Partner Portal - V1.0

Release of our brand new Partner Portal We are working on a Partner Portal to make it easier for our partners to see their invoices, events, clients etc. From the new partner portal they will be able to see their clients, environments, invoices and log in to the event admin panels, this will also make it easier for our partners to give support to their customers.

This bigger feature contains the following subtickets:

Text editor It’s now possible to add a text editor to a form in the partner portal.
Breadcrumb implementation All pages display where they originate from to easily go back to a previous page.For example: Settings → General Settings → Location
Overview of companies Users with superadmin rights can view an overview of all companies and edit the overview.
Creating functionalities It’s now possible for our developers to add/create functionalities to the partner portal, for example to create users.
Custom columns table We are updating the overview pages to have an even better look&feel.
Deleting entities Entities, like ‘'User’', ‘'Company’', or ‘'Invoice’' may be deleted when the user has permission to do so.
File upload It’s now possible to upload files if developers implement an upload field inside an entity.
Automatic generation of menu items When an entity is added, like ‘'Invoice’', ‘'User’', or ‘'Company’' a menu item will be automatically generated for developers.
Modals (popup window) Developers can now implement pop-up windows, for example, asking for a confirmation when you want to delete an user.
LGD graphics Graphics (illustrations) have been added to the partner portal that share the Let’s Get Digital look&feel.
News The main screen of the partner portal (after login) will now display news!Super admins can edit the news items.
Overview of partners Users with superadmin rights can view an overview of all partners and edit the overview.
Permission system The view of the portal is depended on the role of the user (super admin or partner).

For example: super admins can see all users, whereas partners can only see users part of the same partner organization.
Notification system Developers can now implement notifications to give concrete feedback to the end-users.

For example: after saving a user a small message will be visible that shows that the user has been successfully saved.
Overview of users Users with superadmin rights can view an overview of all users and edit the overview.
Email notification for new users When a new user is created within the partner portal, an email will be send to the given user to let them know his account is created.
Partner creation From now one LGD employees can create partners
Adding, Showing users From now on it is possible to see,edit and create users to give access to the partner portal.
Pre-release tests We run automatic tests prior to releasing features and only release them when the tests are successful.
Supporting custom columns This will make it possible for our front-ender to have more data to make better columns that look nicer.
Invoices overview/edit Super admins have been granted access to see all invoices, download an export and edit the data.
Creating companies It’s now possible to create companies and list them.
LGD employees can now login using their google account. LGD employees can now easily login with one click on the “Login with Google“ button.
Design The look&feel of the partner portal will be adjusted to correspond with the design choices that are made.

General updates

App Improvement - Program overview An improvement was made in the program overview in the app. On a multiple day event the program overview is automatically jumping on the current day of the event. Like this users can have a better overview and follow the program.
Import session items to calendar of Gmail and Outlook Added possibility to add sessions to you personal gmail and outlook with a direct login link. This way the visitor can schedule the session which are important for the visitor and directly go to the sessions once they are happening.
Release of our brand new Partner Portal We are working on a Partner Portal to make it easier for our partners to see their invoices, events, clients etc. From the new partner portal they will be able to see their clients, environments, invoices and log in to the event admin panels, this will also make it easier for our partners to give support to their customers.

Release 3.6.11 Building

Expected release date: 30-05-2022

General updates

Admin Panel - Improvements tags Inside the Admin panel we have separated the tags overview button to make it easier for Admins to find and use.
App Improvement - File names Now it is possible to give a file document a name in the admin panel, that will also synch with the file name in the app.
App Improvement - Networking Tables The description of the Networking Tables is also now visible in the APP.
App Improvement - Notification A small red badge appears on the newsfeed icon and the app icon, if a new newsfeed message is posted.
Automatic code checks for basis errors. internal-release-notes-only Each developer has an intelligence editor which help them to prevent current mistakes. Currently the editor gives a green checkmark when a file doesn’t contain basic errors. We ask each developer to check does, but this not always happening. With this change, the code checks are performed remotely and whenever a developer submits code and this is not checked, it will be declined automatically.
Branding Improvement - Lobby It is now possible in the admin panel under branding to add an image as a lobby background. This background will be also used in the on demand tool.
Email Tool - Improvement internal-release-notes-only It is now possible in the email editor to see longer names of the email templates. Organizer can now more easy find the right template and adjust it quicker.
FAQ - Improvement It is now possible to change the order manually of the added FAQs.
Files Tool - Improvement It is now possible to connect a file to programm, pages and users.
Fonts in the virtual platform Now Fonts of description boxes can be adjusted. Also hyperlinks can be included and are clickable.
Improvement for testing internal-release-notes-only While running tests, errors from the condole are now logged on Ghost Inspector using a stage environment.
Improvement of the sales demo generator internal-release-notes-only The sales demo generator in the admin panel, power tools was improved,. New updates and function were added, this will save sales several time to set up a sales demo environment.
Interactive map improvement - Company logos Now the logos of the company's are also visible in the interactive map. The visibility if the company's, exhibitors and sponsors increases with this adjustment and is easier accessible for the user.
Landingspage for in-person events + RVSP possbility The virtual event landingspage is now accessible for in-person events as well (advanced+ packages) and can be edited under the general settings. An additional option has been added where organisers can send-out invitations (RVSP) and pre-fill user data (available in extensive). People can now also edit their registration. Finally; it’s possbile to assign user tags to a registration form; when a user subscribes using a registration form it will automatically get the assigned tag. Wait; there is more! It’s also possbile to display attendees with a specific usertag on the pre-event page so people can see who is attending the event!
Matchmaking Tool - Improvement In the past it was only possible to match users with the same tag or to not match users with the same tag.Now organizer have multiple options to match users with certain tags with each other. In the admin panel they can pick for example, tag A should be matched or to B or to C etc.
Mobile access LGD A setting was created to allow event organizer to turn on the mobile access for there virtual/hybrid event.
Networking Tables - Search bar It is now possible in the Networking Tables to search for a specific table. A search bar was created that can navigate a user easily to the searched table.
On Demand - Files access It is now possible for the organizer in the On Demand section to upload files. Like this organizer can provide users with presentation and further important documents, after the event.
Pre-event page - Impressum update It is now possible on the pre-event page to link to the Impressum button, an own URL. Like this organizer can connect there own privacy statements.
Registration form - Iframe internal-release-notes-only When a registration form is placed in a iframe it fills out the iframe.
Release overview - Improvement internal-release-notes-only It is now possible to link the Release Notes to the Knowledge Base articles.
Testing environments - Posters internal-release-notes-only In the testing environments the tool poster was add as a default menu item in the virtual event.

Release 2 Released

Release date: 12-01-2020

General updates

@username Some representative placeholder content, with some information about this user. Imagine this being some sort of status update, perhaps?